A little about me......

- I am shy in front of the camera. I think this helps me to be able to make my client more comfortable during their session.


- I love to hear someone really laugh hard. That's the best sound ever!


- My happy place is by any body of water. There is something that is calming about being near water.


- I don't love coffee.  I love the experience of drinking coffee.


- I love working with high school seniors and their mothers. Senior year is such an exciting and emotional time for both mother and soon to be graduate.


- My favorite television show is Modern Family. 



- I think it is important to make the time to spend with good friends. Grab a cup of coffee or share a bottle of wine. It's good for the soul.


- I can't pass by a shoe department without taking a look around. Buying shoes is a weakness for me.


- Dogs are my favorite pet. They are always excited to see you when you walk through the door. They love you unconditionally.


- Picking a favorite color is impossible for me. I love all colors except for maybe black. It collects too much lent.


- I have a twenty-four-year-old son out on his own working hard and an nineteen-year-old daughter in college.  I have two shitzhus named Freddy and Indy who love me every day unconditionally.




Alice Renee is a Round Rock Photographer that specializes in portrait photography for graduating seniors.


Alice Renee Photography 

Round Rock, Tx   •   865-804-0867